From DJ to PT

Interviewing Foo Fighters

Life in radio

Jimmy McKay has had a non-traditional career path to the field of Physical Therapy.

While finishing his degree in Journalism & Mass Communication at St. Bonaventure University he worked as an intern at some of most well known radio stations in the country. Most notably, 92.3 K-Rock, which featured the biggest name in radio, Howard Stern.  

After a 15-year career both on-air & as a program director at WRRV & WBSX managing the station, staff & marketing, he switched gears and went back to school for a degree in Physical Therapy. 

PT Education

As a Doctoral student at Marymount University, he merged his former & future careers together in the form of a podcast.

He created PT Pintcast

(PT + Pint of Beer + Broadcast = PT Pintcast)  

A podcast where he interviews amazing Physical Therapists from around the world over a beer and then shares the conversations for free on iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher Radio.  


Stephania Bell from ESPN & Jim Rivard President of AAOMPT in 2017

WCPT President Emma Stokes and APTA President Sharon Dunn with Jimmy @ CSM 2017 in San Antonio.

combining both passions

The show is consistently ranked in the iTunes top 150 in the world in the category of Science & Medicine.  
It has been downloaded in 137 countries more than 1.1 million times as of May 2018.

With more than 300 episodes released, he's talked to some of the most amazing people in the field, with many more to come.


What now?

Interviewing fellow PT & Podcaster Erik Meira of PT Inquest.

Interviewing fellow PT & Podcaster Erik Meira of PT Inquest.

Jimmy is currently the Director of Communications for Fox Rehabilitation, a private practice that includes PT's, OT's, SLP's, & EP's across 16 states. He also provides marketing and communications consulting and opportunities for organizations within the field of Physical Therapy and health care.  

He has more than 15 years of experience directing organizations with branding & communications.

He assists the The American Physical Therapy Association with branding & communications through content created as an invited media member at their national conferences since 2015. 

He has delivered talks at the local, state and national levels on a variety of topics and is currently open to select new partners to work with.  

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