Guess what? It's not about you.

1: the imparting or exchanging of information or news.
2: means of connection between people or places, in particular

When you start off a blog post with the definition of a word, it says:

We’re going back to the basics here

So, why did I start with that?

Because it says to me, two people must be involved.  
The sender & The receiver (or audience). 

If you want your communication to reach an audience, send it.  Then resend it and repeat.

If you want your communication to touch an audience, create that message with them in mind.

Often I see messages that are meant for the audience, but written about the sender.  You should always keep the audience in mind.  I said "always", that's non-negotiable.

How does your message help THEM?
Never, How does your message help YOU.

"Know Your Audience" is an important idea, and should be square one when crafting a message.  

Remember to craft that message for the reciever, not the sender.