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Are of PT
Big Picture stuff. If there was a dictionary entry about this topic, what would the first 3-4 sentences say?
What's the anatomy? If it's a stroke: The brain, vessels, a history of high BP. Still big picture, but we're getting a little more narrow.
This may/ may not apply to the pathology we're working with. Example in ortho: What special test can I use to rule in/rule out? But, you could also tell us, We would confirm this diagnosis with a CT or MRI, even though the PT doesn't do the scan, it's good to mention that briefly.
What else COULD it be? The NPTE likes to give things that sound similar. This is a chance to mention things that we can differentially diagnose.
What does a PT do about it? Great, we know what we're looking at... now what?! Some examples of treatment, big picture. Vestibular issue? We treat BPPV with a dix-hallpike maneuver. Then some gradual balance and acclimation to upright activities. We progress as the patient can tolerate. Big picture >>> more focused picture.
How's it going to show up on the NPTE - This MUST BE A QUESTION THAT YOU CREATED! <>